How long have you been shooting weddings?

I have been capturing weddings for almost 9 years and have shot hundreds.  Prior to making this awesome job my full-time gig, I filmed documentary TV shows for major networks.


Will I get to make changes to my highlight film?

Definitely!  I will send you the film for you to look over and if you want any minor changes, such as a shot replaced or person added I am happy to do so.  This film is something you will want to watch over and over, so I want you to be completely satisfied with it!!


What is the documentary edit?

The documentary edit is a long form edit of all your major events.  I will include the full ceremony, full toasts, main dances, and other special events, such as cake cutting, in their entirety.  I will add title cards and cut out any dead spots, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your day.  I will also edit between two camera angles for the Gold Package, Platinum Package and Diamond Package. 


How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is a mix of just about every style.  From traditional family photos, to creative framing and lighting techniques for your couples shots, my style is true to the moment the photos were captured in.  Anyone can throw on filters, and if that is what you like, I can certainly do that also, it's just not my go to :)  My video style really depends on whether you chose a package with a highlight film.  I use drones, stabilizers, and other toys, to make sure your shots are cinematic, creative and smooth.


Do you have liability insurance?

Yes indeed, and if your venue requires proof I am happy to pass along that information :)


Will mine be the only wedding you shoot that day?

Absolutely!!  I do often times film or photograph multiple weddings in a row over the course of the weekend, but no more than one in a day.


Will you be the one to shoot my wedding?

Unless we discussed another arrangement ahead of time, I will be the one in charge of your day.  No surprises here :)


Do I get the printing rights to my photos?

Of course!!  You are already spending a lot of money on your wedding, you should not have to shell out money for prints through your photographer.  The photos are yours, and after I give you them on the USB, you can take them anywhere you want to print them.


Will you bring a wireless microphone and lighting?

I will bring both.  I actually bring multiple mics, one to attach to the groom, one for the officiant, and one to tap into the DJ or band to make sure your vows and toasts are captured properly. 


How long will it take to get my photos or videos?

It depends on the season, but I try my best to get everything to you within 8-12 weeks of your date.  I understand that around the holidays you may want some photos for gifts, so I can help you there :)


I am on a budget, do you negotiate your pricing?

I think when you compare my pricing and quality to other people, you will find I am very fair.  That being said, I do believe that everyone deserves great photos and videos, so if my pricing is out of your range please email me and I will try my best to work something out.